Cycleways & Parks

Waterford County puts the focus on the outdoors with over 74ha of parklands and green space for you and your family to enjoy.

7km of walking and cycling paths will provide easy access to the Village Centre, neighbourhood parks and sporting facilities.

The pathways will feature an integrated fitness trail with designated fitness stations to provide a workout for people of all abilities and fitness levels. Each fitness station will be made from recycled plastic to be 100% environmentally friendly.

Once complete, Waterford County will house playing fields, netball courts, tennis courts, practice cricket nets so the whole family can get active and enjoy the great outdoors.

The heart of Waterford County will have the community amphitheatre, this open air performance space set against the natural backdrop of the mountain ranges, will provide a place for artists and entertainers to come together and instil a strong sense of community and belonging.

Situated on the picturesque Whitewater Street, Waterford County’s Whitewater Park has been officially opened since August, 2012.

The new park, called Dragonfly Adventure Park, has plenty of play equipment for the kids to enjoy.

With over 2 hectares of park there’s plenty of space for the kids to run, play ball games, throw frisbees and ride their scooters and bikes. What’s more, there are covered areas, including picnic tables and barbecues for the adults to relax and enjoy the scenery.